Single Tooth Anesthesia System

What Is A STA?


In our constant search for patient comfort Forest Crossing Family Dental uses a revolutionary device known as the STA System. The STA System or “Single Tooth Anesthesia” is a state-of-the-art computer-controlled local anesthesia system that allows us to block a very targeted area for treatment. This method allows the doctor to find the precise location for optimum anesthetic injection.

How Does It Work?


Through computer location technology, this incredible system lets the doctor know exactly where the optimum location is and exactly how much anesthesia is needed to create the ideal, comfortable environment for the patient. No more leaving the dentist’s office without full feeling in your jaw, lips and mouth. This system allows us to administer local anesthesia to an entire quadrant or just one tooth. This allows us to virtually remove all the anxiety and discomfort of local anesthesia.

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